03 June 2014 by Gary Niger

GNAA Takes Reins for Further TrueCrypt Development

INTERNET — The world was shocked this past Wednesday, as news reels spun with the breaking story of the original TrueCrypt development team calling it quits. Little, if anything, is known about the developers, however it is obvous they do not want people to use their software anymore due to a

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01 May 2014 by Gary Niger

New website

New website, still under construction. Will be done soon. irc.gnaa.eu #gnaa contact: [email protected]

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20 April 2013 by Gary Niger

GNAA sets up #freeDzhokar fund

Boston, Massachusetts GNAA sets up #freeDzhokar fund Boston, Massachusetts- Donations for the Dzokar freedom fund can be sent to 1Kkk8m9Jnd36iCJFbAqfuLUhDf1QBGd5ao About Dzokar: Innocent Russian youth, assaulted and wounded by United States police officers.

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15 April 2013 by Gary Niger

GNAA Declares War on Atheism

Gary Niger - Cockermouth, England Cockermouth, England - GNAA Founder and CEO, Gary Niger, gave clearance today for Ubernigger commando squadrons to begin operations against the oppressive Atheist religion, following their terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon on Monday. Particularly targeted are those who choose to align themselves with an

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29 October 2012 by Gary Niger

GNAA Forces Shutdown of “OhInternet”

Andrés S. - Santiago, Chile Santiago, Chile - A massive GNAA operation took place this morning, with the purpose of shutting down the money-scamming bastardization known as "OhInternet". Our hitmen took down OhInternet because of their constant racial intolerance (such as forbidding the creation of articles relating to

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13 October 2012 by Gary Niger

/r/GNAA Removed by Homophobic Zionists

/r/GNAA Removed by Homophobic Zionists M.P. Sheep - Elgin, Illinois Elgin, Illinois - Earlier today, an enraged Gary Niger stepped out of his private jet to attempt peace negotiations with the owners of popular “news for nitwits” reddit.com. ”Earlier today we at GNAA were faced with a

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25 September 2012 by Gary Niger

GNAA Declares War on /r/lgbt

M.P. Sheep – Telluride, CO Telluride, CO - After hours of moot negotiating, GNAA CEO Gary Niger released to the public this morning his formal declaration of war against the popular “subreddit” /r/lgbt. ”For too long has the gaynigger race suffered under tyranny, when merely trying to conform to

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25 August 2012 by Gary Niger

Rape More Effective than Condoms, Research Shows

Leon Kaiser - Wildwood, Missouri Wildwood, Missouri - Head GNAA researcher Dr. Noah Mugerwa proudly stood erect on the steps of the GNAA headquarters in Tarzana, California today, and announced to the world that rape is not only an effective method of birth control, but in fact the most effective

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21 July 2012 by Gary Niger

GNAA Launches Linux for Niggers™ Project Website

M.P. Sheep – Studio City, California Studio City, California - GNAA labs have spent uncounted years developing the revolutionary Linux for Niggers™ distribution, a truly remarkable piece of open source software. While the practicality and use alone would be huge attention getters, GNAA developers have faced the ongoing problem related

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03 June 2012 by Gary Niger

GNAA Obliterates Countless Wordpress Blogs

Leon Kaiser, M.P. Sheep - Manhattan, New York Manhattan, New York - Tears ran down the cheeks of bloggers across the world as they witnessed their “works” infiltrated by GNAA agents to the point of no recovery. ”Wordpress is another example of a Web 2.0 service that just

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